• Wrapping a bus with your company ad can take weeks to produce and apply the wrap. By using digital billboard trucks, you simply send us the file and we upload it to our digital screens instantly.

• Customized Routing – We custom design the routes our trucks take to expose your ad based on your company objectives which can include target audience, time of day and even ethnicity. These routes can be changed daily providing extreme flexibility and expanded coverage over a bus, which simply navigates the same route day after day.

• We display your ad on THREE Huge High definition LED screens at eye level to both drivers AND pedestrians where our trucks circulate. These screens grab consumer’s attention and are impossible to miss, making much more of a visual impact then bus wraps.

• Your ad can be displayed in both video and static images – grabbing consumer’s attention.

• Reinforce your Messaging with Stereo Sound – Our trucks come equipped with powerful stereo speakers on both sides to reinforce your branding and messaging with audio.

• Customized Routing – We drive your ad to where your targeted consumers are located with customized routes versus a road side billboard which is only visible to people driving by it and typically only visible on one side of the road.

• Nationwide Coverage – We have trucks in 35 of the Top DMA’s around the nation. Display your ad in the top markets around the US such as New York, Miami, Chicago or LA for a fraction of what a nationwide bus wrap ad campaign costs.

• Flexible Ad campaign – You are welcome to change your ads based on a number of programmable factors. Target your customers in different languages based on geography, time of day or simply change your ad based on location!

• Maximize Impressions – Because our trucks travel customized routes designed to maximize exposure of our customers ad campaigns, the number of unique impressions our trucks generate is greater then those of buses which travel the same routes day in and day out.

• More cost effect than bus wraps – compare our exclusive rental pricing to a traditional bus wrap and you will discover just how affordable our service can be!

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