Our vehicles are available for rental nationwide every day (Monday-Sunday) from 8:30am to 7:00pm to insure that we are able to attract the attention of the morning, lunch and evening rush-hour commuter traffic throughout the cities and major metropolitan areas of the markets we serve.

Our Mobile Media LED trucks are all outfitted with three extra large high-definition screens that are brilliant in the daytime and dazzling at night. When the vehicles are stationary, your ad is displayed on all three sides (driver 6’4”’ x 11’6’, passenger 6’4” x 11’6‘, and rear 6’x4’ x 6’4’ screens) of the truck at the same time and we have the ability to display fixed or rotating images, play a recorded video, stream live video feed of your event, display live television content, and even play interactive gaming systems. When the vehicle in under motion, only static images (no video) will be displayed on the rear screen for safety reasons so as to not distract drivers behind the vehicles.

Our vehicles have onboard outside stereo sound systems, which are capable of playing audio sources to accompany your messaging which is being broadcast across the LED screens.

Whether you need to need to advertise in a specific event or get your business or product in front of a large audience for an ongoing campaign, Mobile Media’s LED trucks will deliver your message in front of your targeted consumers for pennies on the dollar.


As one of the top nightlife destinations in the world, Miami has become a cosmopolitan playground for the world’s young, hip crowd. While Miami has long been a flashy consumerist city, it is now attracting serious wealth from all over the globe – those who don’t flinch at spending millions of dollars for a condo, thousands of dollars a night for some of the top designer hotels, or tens of thousands of dollars a night in any of the cities famous nightclubs or high end restaurants.

If you wish to market to this young affluent crowd, then our Nightlife Shared Advertising package is the right choice for you, and probably one of the most cost effective forms of advertising you can find anywhere to target this market.

We have created a monthly commitment package specifically designed for key vertical markets, which include:

  • Night Clubs
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Retail Products and Services
  • Tourist Attractions/Concerts
  • Travel and Transportation

There are a total twelve (12) advertising spots available. Each spot runs for ten (10) seconds and loops every two (2) minutes. Our Mobile Media LED trucks have three extra large high-definition screens that are dazzling at night. Your ad is displayed on all three sides of the truck at the same time.   Ads can be swapped out at any time throughout the contract, as many times as you like. If you purchase more than one (1) advertisement spot, they can be graphically different or all the same for maximum branding impact.

We will display no more then two clients for each of these vertical market segments, with discounted pricing available for any client who wishes to purchase vertical market exclusivity, in which case they will have two 10 second spots in the 2 minute loop.

Our vehicles will transit the high volume pedestrian and tourist traffic zones around Miami Beach and other popular nightlife, restaurant and hotel zones Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 PM until 1:00 AM providing our clients with 100 hours a month of advertising to this market for one low monthly fee.   To find out more about our Miami Nightlife Shared Advertising packages, contact one of our knowledgeable marketing managers today and ask for a Media Kit with our rate Sheets

Interested in rolling with us on a regional or national ad campaign?


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