• We dedicate our billboards to only displaying YOUR ad.  You are not sharing a roadside billboard with other advertisers where your ad is only being shown for a few seconds as cars speed by it!
  • We display your ad on THREE Huge High definition LED screens  – not just one like a roadside billboard.
  • Your ad is visible on both sides of the roads we travel in addition to the traffic behind our trucks versus a billboard is typically only visible to traffic on one side of the road.
  • Your ad is front and center at eye level to both drivers AND pedestrians where our trucks circulate – your ad is not 30 feet up in the air!
  • Your ad can be displayed in both video and static images – most digital billboards only display static images.
  • Your ad campaign can be supported with stereo audio to support  branding and messaging  – sound is not available on roadside billboards.
  • We drive your ad to where your targeted consumers are located with customized routes – versus a road side billboard which is only visible to people driving by it.
  • Nationwide coverage – we have trucks in 35 of the Top DMA’s around the nation.  Display your ad in the top markets around the US such as New York, Miami Chicago or LA for a fraction of what a nationwide billboard ad campaign costs.
  • Change your ad based on GPS coordinates.  Target your customers in different languages based on geography or simply change your ad based on location.
  • More cost effect than traditional billboards  – compare our exclusive rental pricing to a traditional digital billboard and you will discover just how affordable our service can be!

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